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  • Alien Week 2023 Has Arrived!

    Alien Week 2023 Has Arrived!

    Alien Week 2023 in Star Citizen is an annual event dedicated to celebrating the diverse alien species and cultures within the game universe. It offers players a unique opportunity to engage in various alien-themed activities and explore content related to these extraterrestrial races. The event typically includes contests, giveaways, and exclusive offerings that showcase the…

  • Jumptown 2.1 is coming!

    Jumptown 2.1 is coming!

    Jumptown Schedule – 3.19.0 Each time listed represents a location change, and each location runs approximately 24 hours.  Exclusive Insight The latest laboratories have undergone a complete overhaul, featuring a completely revamped interior design that now showcases a circular floorplan. This innovative layout has been carefully crafted to enhance convenience by reducing the number of…