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Star Citizen Alien Week 2023

Alien Week 2023 Has Arrived!

Alien Week 2023 in Star Citizen is an annual event dedicated to celebrating the diverse alien species and cultures within the game universe. It offers players a unique opportunity to engage in various alien-themed activities and explore content related to these extraterrestrial races. The event typically includes contests, giveaways, and exclusive offerings that showcase the rich lore and gameplay experiences associated with the alien species in Star Citizen. It’s a chance for players to immerse themselves in the interstellar world of the game and appreciate the intricacies of the different alien races and their technologies. Participating in Alien Week allows players to connect with fellow citizens, interact with developers, and enjoy a range of engaging events, such as community streams, Q&A sessions, and more. It’s a highly anticipated event that adds depth and excitement to the Star Citizen experience.

New Alien Ships, Paints and Armor

Lots of new hardware is on sale in Alien Week 2023, here is a short list of some but not all of the things at offer:

  • Esperia Blade
  • Esperia Glaive
  • Banu Defender
  • Banu Merchantman
  • Aopoa Khartu-al
  • Aopoa Nox
  • Harmony Paint
    • Prowler
    • Nox
    • Khartu-al
    • Talon Defender
  • Talon Starter Pack
  • CCC Aves Armor and Helmet
  • Aves Talon Armor and Helmet
  • Aves Talon Shrike Armor and Helmet
  • Collectible Pin Set: Series 3

Be sure to head over and check out the Alien Week 2023 sale on the Star Citizen website. If you are new to Star Citizen or considering joining the ‘verse, be sure to use our referral code for extra UEC on signup!