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  • Monthly Report: PU February 2024

    Monthly Report: PU February 2024

    AI Development Update AI Features: Continuing our efforts from the previous report, AI Features remains dedicated to enhancing key initiatives, with the initial release planned for Alpha 3.23. Stay tuned for more details as we approach the release date. AI Technology: In February, AI Technology concentrated on various enhancements, particularly in the navigation system. We…

  • San’Tok.Yāi Progress Video

    San’Tok.Yāi Progress Video

    The San’Tok.Yāi, a Xi’an medium fighter from Aopoa, has been silently making progress recently. Some suspected this to be released with Alien Week however that was not the case. As a consolation prize however, CIG have put together a video of the San’Tok.Yāi’s current progress and the state of the ship. Enjoy the video, and you…

  • Overview: The Avenger Titan

    Overview: The Avenger Titan

    The Avenger Titan is a versatile spacecraft in Star Citizen that offers a balance between combat capabilities, cargo capacity, and overall versatility. It is part of the Avenger series, which includes various variants designed for different purposes. Here’s an overview of the Avenger Titan: Role The Avenger Titan is primarily classified as a medium-sized multipurpose…