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Star Citizen Avenger TItan

Overview: The Avenger Titan

The Avenger Titan is a versatile spacecraft in Star Citizen that offers a balance between combat capabilities, cargo capacity, and overall versatility. It is part of the Avenger series, which includes various variants designed for different purposes. Here’s an overview of the Avenger Titan:


The Avenger Titan is primarily classified as a medium-sized multipurpose ship. It is often favored by players who want a reliable all-rounder that can handle a range of activities, including combat, cargo hauling, and light exploration.

Design and Features

The Avenger Titan features a sleek and agile design, making it maneuverable both in space and within planetary atmospheres. It has a sturdy frame and a distinct swept-wing shape. The ship is equipped with a bed, allowing players to log out and log back in within the game universe.

Aegis Dynamics Avenger Titan

Cargo Capacity

One of the standout features of the Avenger Titan is its cargo capacity. It has a dedicated cargo hold located at the rear of the ship, allowing players to transport a moderate amount of goods or resources. This makes it suitable for light trading or hauling missions.

Combat Capabilities

The Avenger Titan is equipped with an array of weapons, including nose-mounted guns and missile racks, making it a capable combat vessel. Its agility and firepower allow it to engage in dogfights and take on smaller enemy ships effectively.


The Avenger Titan’s versatility is a significant advantage. It can be easily customized and upgraded, allowing players to adapt it to their preferred playstyle. The ship has interchangeable modules, offering the possibility of adding additional functionalities such as prisoner cells, EMP devices, or additional cargo space.

Crew and Functionality

The Avenger Titan is designed as a single-pilot ship, but it does have space for one additional crew member if needed. This flexibility enables players to bring along a friend or an NPC for cooperative gameplay.

Conclusion / Summary

Overall, the Avenger Titan is a popular choice among Star Citizen players who want a well-rounded ship capable of tackling various tasks. Its combination of combat prowess, cargo capacity, and flexibility makes it a reliable option for players looking for a versatile spacecraft to start their adventures in the vast universe of Star Citizen. If you are interested in picking up an Avenger Titan for yourself, be sure to use our Star Citizen referral code when buying your game package. This will provide you with some free UEC in game!