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Latest Star Citizen News and Info

  • Cloud Imperium Games Acquires Turbulent

    Cloud Imperium Games Acquires Turbulent

    CIG and Turbulent, after years of partnership, have officially merged. The decision to join forces was driven by their shared ambition to create something groundbreaking in the gaming industry. Turbulent’s agility and innovation complemented CIG’s unique approach to game development. Together, they built a robust website and various features like the Concierge program, Issue Council,…

  • New Inside Star Citizen: “Behold… Seraphim!”

    New Inside Star Citizen: “Behold… Seraphim!”

    Big news as CIG explains their plan to remove the Port Olisar station in Alpha 3.20 and what this means going forward. Port Olisar has been around since Alpha 2.0 and will be missed by many players. CIG claims that as development expands, PO has fallen behind in its ability to support current and future…

  • A message from the Banu Njassi Religion Souli

    A message from the Banu Njassi Religion Souli

    Star Citizen lore time! CIG have announced a little teaser/puzzle to go along with Alien Week. The following is a transmission from Banu Protectorate, some users in the Comm Link are already working on deciphering it. If you are interested in doing your own translation, this Banu translation guide may be helpful. Here is the…

  • San’Tok.Yāi Progress Video

    San’Tok.Yāi Progress Video

    The San’Tok.Yāi, a Xi’an medium fighter from Aopoa, has been silently making progress recently. Some suspected this to be released with Alien Week however that was not the case. As a consolation prize however, CIG have put together a video of the San’Tok.Yāi’s current progress and the state of the ship. Enjoy the video, and you…

  • Alien Week 2023 Has Arrived!

    Alien Week 2023 Has Arrived!

    Alien Week 2023 in Star Citizen is an annual event dedicated to celebrating the diverse alien species and cultures within the game universe. It offers players a unique opportunity to engage in various alien-themed activities and explore content related to these extraterrestrial races. The event typically includes contests, giveaways, and exclusive offerings that showcase the…