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New Inside Star Citizen: “Behold… Seraphim!”

Big news as CIG explains their plan to remove the Port Olisar station in Alpha 3.20 and what this means going forward. Port Olisar has been around since Alpha 2.0 and will be missed by many players. CIG claims that as development expands, PO has fallen behind in its ability to support current and future game systems, such as medical gameplay and cargo. This is why in 3.20 they are planning for the arrival of Seraphim station.

Seraphim station is essentially Port Olisar 2.0 and will be arriving soon. The team spent time making the similar more similar to the other current stations, but with an ohmage to the original Port Olisar (don’t worry, the rings are still there). The new station features medical areas, docking tubes, cargo support and more. It will be interesting to see how the gameplay shapes up around this new station that is estimated to be 4-5x larger than the current PO.