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Star Citizen Acquires Turbulent

Cloud Imperium Games Acquires Turbulent

CIG and Turbulent, after years of partnership, have officially merged. The decision to join forces was driven by their shared ambition to create something groundbreaking in the gaming industry. Turbulent’s agility and innovation complemented CIG’s unique approach to game development. Together, they built a robust website and various features like the Concierge program, Issue Council, and StarMap. Turbulent’s expertise also contributed to the development of cloud services and server meshing. With this merger, CIG becomes one of the largest independent game developers, committed to disrupting the industry and prioritizing the community. The addition of Turbulent’s firepower and talent strengthens their ability to achieve milestones and fulfill the ambitious goals of Star Citizen and Squadron 42. CIG is grateful for Turbulent’s unwavering support and is thrilled to welcome them into the family of studios.

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The merger between CIG and Turbulent marks a significant milestone in their journey. With a combined headcount of over 1,100, they have the resources and expertise to tackle the challenges that come with their size and scale. However, their focus remains on being a disruptive force in gaming and breaking free from the traditional industry paradigm. By putting their community first and fostering innovation in all aspects of their business, CIG and Turbulent are poised to create the best gaming experiences possible. With the unwavering support of their passionate gamers and the camaraderie of the Turbulent team, CIG is excited about the unique journey ahead as they strive to build the most extraordinary game universe ever.