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Roadmap Update October 22, 2023

Roadmap Update: October 22, 2023

Development Progress

Following the exciting announcement made during CitizenCon 2953, we are thrilled to share that Squadron 42 has reached a significant milestone by achieving feature completeness. The game has now transitioned into the polishing phase, a crucial step that will become evident as you track our progress.

In addition to this major development, Squadron 42 teams have been reorganized into Strike Teams, and these new teams are now visible on our Progress Tracker. Each Strike Team is composed of talented developers from various disciplines, such as design, engineering, art, audio, and more. While the team leads are the main point of contact, each team collaborates on a shared goal: polishing Squadron 42 (SQ42) for Beta and Release. Just as before, these teams will display one quarter of their work at a time. We’ve introduced four new Strike Teams in this update, with more to follow in the future.

Current and future progress can be monitored within the roadmap page on the RSI website.

Release Preview

We are pleased to announce the addition of the following cards to our Release Preview:

  1. Ship Trespass We’ve implemented a crucial change to the game dynamics: the interior of players’ ships is now considered a trespass zone for uninvited individuals. To gain access, players must receive permission through the party system, until we introduce more intricate crew and passenger management systems. Those who trespass on a ship without permission can be confronted and even attacked by the ship’s owner or any member of their party without fear of committing a crime.
  2. Drake Cutter Scout Our dedicated team has been hard at work building, balancing, and implementing the Drake Interplanetary’s reconnaissance ship, the Cutter Scout, into the game. This addition promises to bring new dimensions to your gameplay experience.
  3. Anvil F8C Lightning We’ve also been diligently working on building, balancing, and implementing Anvil’s heavy fighter, the F8C Lightning, into the game. This powerful fighter will soon be available for you to pilot, adding to the diverse range of options at your disposal.

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