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Squadron 42 Gameplay Trailer

Squadron 42 Gameplay Trailer: I Held The Line

We are excited to announce that Squadron 42 is now feature-complete!

As we move into the polishing phase, we’re fully focused on optimizing and fine-tuning all aspects of the gameplay experience to deliver an unprecedented cinematic adventure. To celebrate this milestone, we have gathered our core development leadership from around the globe to share what this means.

Thank you for your continued support of Squadron 42.

– Star Citizen

One of the biggest reveals at CitizenCon this year was a new 26 minute gameplay video of Squadron 42. It has been years since the last vertical slice of Squadron 42 was released and fans have been long awaiting an update on the development progress. The video shows the massive progress that has been made towards Squadron 42 and where the development time and money have gone over the last few years. There is still no release date however Robert Space Industries claims that the game is now feature complete and will be entering the ‘polishing’ phase, however long that may take.

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